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Are Ice Fishing Bibs Worth It?

Are Ice Fishing Bibs Worth It?

When I was a kid, I hated ice fishing because I was always cold and we constantly struggled to catch anything. I could never understand why my grandfather wanted to take me out.

As I got older, I learned more about what ice fishing is supposed to be and learned that ice fishing bibs are so worth the cost. You can’t sacrifice your comfort on the ice, otherwise, you’ll never be happy.

Snippet – Ice fishing bibs are 100% worth it. You need to make sure you’re comfortable and warm on the ice not only for your happiness but for your safety as well. Ice fishing bibs are an essential piece of fishing equipment and something you should purchase right away.

What are Ice Fishing Bibs?

StrikerICE Predator Bib

Ice fishing bibs are like a hybrid between overalls and waders. They combine the best elements of both into one to provide you with a protective layer of fabric covering your body from chest to ankle.

The point of ice fishing bibs is to prevent you from getting cold and to provide a barrier if you have to kneel down or in the event that you get wet.

The first thing that might come to mind is, why can’t I just wear a snowsuit or something similar?

The biggest reason is because of the denier ratings and protection provided by ice fishing bibs. These are heavy-duty winter gear and they’re designed to keep you warm in sub-freezing temperatures. The key is how long they’re able to keep you warm as well.

Traditional snow gear for sledding or work around the house isn’t designed to keep you warm for hours. The warmth you get is temporary and it’s important to understand that no piece of cold-weather gear will hold up to what you’ll get from ice fishing bibs.

How Do You Wear Ice Fishing Bibs? 

how to wear ice fishing bibs

You’ll put on an ice fishing bib exactly as you would a pair of pants except you’ll put the pants on first and put the bib over it (which I assume you knew already). Once you’re all layered up, you’ll put your bibs over your clothes and latch them over your shoulder like a pair of overalls.

The legs on the bibs will pull up over your boots and likely create some form of seal to prevent snow and ice from getting inside your boots. This is an important feature of the best ice fishing bibs. You won’t find this in a lot of traditional or cheap snow gear.

Are Ice Fishing Bibs Waterproof?

ice fishing bibs are not waterproof throughout

Generally, ice fishing bibs are not waterproof throughout but they have sections that are reinforced to prevent moisture and cold from getting in.

For example, the entire material may not be waterproof but the knees, ankles, and armpits may have additional padding and fabric to prevent the cold from getting in.

When you’re constantly kneeling down and tending to your lines, it’s easy for your legs to get cold. Having ice fishing bibs will prevent this from happening.

What Makes Ice Fishing Bibs Worth It? 

The big question of the day is, are ice fishing bibs worth it? What makes them worth it? Why would you go out of your way to purchase something more expensive if you’re not entirely sure you need it?

The goal of the following sections is to explain and really drive home the reasons why we think ice fishing bibs are not an optional piece of gear.


Frabill 2505021 Ice Fishing Safety Gear Black, Large

As previously mentioned, there’s a difference between gear designed for work and gear designed for play. The type of bibs you buy for skiing or snowboarding isn’t designed to take the beating that you will on the ice.

The Frabill I-3 Bib  is a great example of this. These have reinforced knees to help keep your legs warm but also ensure that they last long when you’re constantly putting pressure on them. These duplicate layers provide comfort and act like knee pads so you’re not only increasing the lifespan of your equipment but also preventing your knees from getting sore.


Eskimo Men's Keeper Insulated Bib

Sometimes you never know where life can take you. Out of the blue, you could find yourself in a complete whiteout where you can barely see a few feet in front of you.

If that happens and you’re caught out there with the wrong gear, it could mean disaster. Having bibs like the Eskimo Insulated Bib  will ensure you’re not cold no matter what.

These come with 600 denier polyester designed to withstand extremely cold temperatures. They’re waterproof, breathable, and tough so they stand the test of time.


StrikerICE Predator Bib with Sureflote Technology, Insulated & Waterproof

No matter what ice fishing gear we’re shopping for, we’re always looking for durability as a main factor. We want to make sure that the money we’re investing is going towards something that will last.

One way to make sure is to shop recognizable brands with a strong history in the industry. That’s what Striker  is all about. This company produces all kinds of ice fishing gear and they have a great reputation in the fishing community.

You know that when you buy something from this company they’re going to honor the purchase and ensure you’re getting a quality product that will keep you safe and warm.

Final Thoughts

Are ice fishing bibs worth it? You bet your bottom dollar they are. They’re not only worth it but they’re essential. I wouldn’t recommend going out on the ice without a decent pair of bibs especially because they’re not that expensive.

If you think about everything else you had to buy to go ice fishing, what’s another $200 going to do? When you’re out there drilling holes, checking lines, baiting hooks, and pulling in fish, you’ll thank the crew here at Fish On Ice for being so hard on you. Good luck and be safe out there!