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How to Make Ice Fishing Sled Easier To Pull?

How to Make Ice Fishing Sled Easier To Pull?

Ice fishing is an enthralling activity until you save your enthusiasm for fishing instead of wasting your energy by pulling your sled with trouble and frustration. No worries, we won’t let you ruin your ice fishing passion because of this simple pulling concern.

We have got your back with fascinating tips to help you gain the knowledge to pull it more manageably.

How do you make an Ice Fishing Sled easier to pull? It doesn’t matter how much experience you have. When a sled is hard to manage, it can become highly annoying. It’s somehow true that it’s hard because it’s constructed to carry on intricate conditions.

Things you should consider

Shappell Jet Sled 1 - ATC

Everyone who loves ice fishing should approach affordable and reachable advice about sleds. It is essential to consider a few things so you won’t get disappointed while ice fishing.

How much does your gear transportation weigh?

How long do you have to travel before reaching your primary hole drilling spot?

If you’re walking, how long will your journey take on foot vs a sled?

Your fish-catching plans?

After considering these things, it would be better for any angler to know what sled they need. It’s necessary to know because carrying goods without a reliable sled is challenging.

ATV or Snowmobile

ATV or snowmobile
One of the most credible pieces of information to come up with when having difficulty pulling sleds is to hook them up with an ATV or snowmobile.

The wheels of the ATV are rigid that helps you draw the sled by hooking the sled up with the ATV. You can drive an ATV quickly on ice or snow as it excels in hauling gear and never spoils your ice fishing day.

You can choose a bigger ATV with larger racks to stack and hold the gear. You can comfortably drive and handle them. Their big engine depicts their heavy power that makes the hauling sled more manageable.

Snowmobiles, on the other hand, are even better than ATVs. They are more compact and easy to haul the gear even in the deeper snow. They don’t sink in the snow but glide over it. It makes it fascinating for the angular to opt for it and hook it up with the sled. Their elevated speed will never let you down, so if you choose to go deeper in the snow, you probably should take snowmobiles with you.

It is not recommended to take heavy machinery such as an ATV or snowmobile onto thin ice. This can be extremely dangerous.

Longer Rope for Better Hauling

use a long rope to pull a sled
Start your journey with a long rope and make it memorable for you. Sometimes, just using a long rope seems like a childish method to pull the sled, but the fact is that it is an incredible idea.

If you get a small rope along with the sled, you should not opt for it. Instead, you should choose a long rope that is easy to grip with gloves.

It is essential to prepare a backup plan before starting by using the extra rope. Then you can put it in the sled. Choosing a long rope to haul your sled is one of the most convenient and affordable methods most people will prefer.

Make your sled More Efficient by Ski Installation

The "Sledski" Collapsible Smitty Sled

Ski installation is another good idea to make the sled easier to pull. Normally sleds do not have the 2×4’s and skis on the bottom of it. But when you load it with ice fishing gear, dragging it through the snow seems complicated.

To attach skis you can start by cutting the pair off of skis in their correct positions. Placing screws through the bottom of the skis into the sled. The screws should tightly secure the 2×4’s that you install over the base of your sled.

The addition of the skis makes it easier to haul the gear through the snow. It should make your sled much more efficient than it was before the installation of the skis.

Variables Make a Difference

Certain variables are involved in the efficiency of making the sled easier to pull. Such as the snow’s hardness and rigidity, the snow’s water content, air temperature, sunny or cloudy day, or Is it sticky or not?

It means if the snow is more glutinous, the sled is even harder to pull. But when you install the ski at the bottom of the sled, it also makes a difference. Sometimes, people face deep or fluffy snow. The sled can help act like a snowplough when large amounts of snow gather/build up in front of it. Adding the skis can make ploughing through the snow much easier.

Homemade sleds

How To Build A "Smitty" Type Ice Fishing Sled. Easy DIY.

It is not unusual that people have trust issues even for the most expensive branded products. If you are a competent joiner or craftsman a homemade sled may be a perfect project. Reliability is key.

Therefore, if you prefer to build a homemade sled instead of buying them. These homemade sleds are easy to pull and help lift your rod, traps, reel, and equipment throughout, making them a lot more comfortable.

All you need is snow sleds, bolts, screws, waterproof cloth, drills, skis, or waterproof adhesives. Create such a design that is able to shelter you during cold winds.

You have to assemble the structure and then screw the waterproof adhesive to cover the sled. Once you make it yourself, you already know to place your equipment to make your sled balanced and easier to haul.

It is 100 times less effort to pull your homemade sleds even with your heavy stuff if you are dragging your homemade sleds. A homemade sled is a great idea if you feel you are a creative individual. Many people find it adventurous to try this idea with their creativity. So, if you are adventurous enough, go ahead.

Runner Kit Installation for Better Pulling

A runner kit is another option to increase the life of the sled. The runner kit helps make the journey easier when facing steep inclines. It has a design that reduces friction and provides a smooth drag that never lets you get tired. The easy to assemble runner kit  helps the sled work longer.

People tend to install a reliable runner kit that protects the grounds of the sled from rigidity. So, if you want to go in deep snow and enjoy it without getting annoyed with the difficulty, then installing a runner kit on the sled is what you want to do.

Smitty Sleds and Can Smitty sleds Be Easier to Pull?

smitty sleds
When choosing the best sleds for ice fishing to haul the gear smoothly and comfortably, Smitty sleds are the choice. Let’s have a look at two reasons why Smitty sleds proved to be a desirable option.

First, a Smitty allows a vast range so everyone can haul their gear. It’s okay for anyone to pull their Smitty Sled up to two kilometres / 1.24 miles in a day.

Usually, people have no issues dragging it farther unless they run out of daylight. People mostly dread a 100-yard walk from the parking area if there was any amount of snow before using the Smitty sled. When you have purchased a Smitty sled it can make your trips much more enjoyable. So why not select a Smitty sled as your go-to choice?

Second, the Smitty Sled is far more comfortable than stuffing up the ATV. If you desire to explore a big lake, why not make a powerful and perfect combo of Smitty and ATV to break adventurous records?

So, the answer is yes! The Smitty sleds are easier and more effective to haul with a large load.


No doubt that hauling snow ploughs hundreds of yards over iced lakes seems entertaining and enthralling, but taking easier routes is always an option. Isn’t it better to become an optimist that knows how to tackle the adventure and haul the gear instead of being a pessimist and feel that you can’t do that?

It doesn’t matter what you do when ice fishing, a sled that can pull easier and faster always makes you enjoy your activities better.  ATV and snowmobiles make your adventure easy by hauling your gear, so of course, there should be no issue hooking them up with your sled

Otherwise, you can opt for a long rope if you have no ATV or snowmobiles. It means all you need to do is strengthen your backup plans with no fear of the load you want to drag.

We got your back when ice fishing and never want you to be compromised on your adventurous plan because of sled difficulty when pulling. Still, these tricks can help make it more comfortable, easier, and more manageable to haul your gear.