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Where do you Go to the Bathroom when Ice Fishing?

Where do you Go to the Bathroom when Ice Fishing?

Things while ice fishing seems fun – but nature’s alarm buzz.

It seems uncomfortable, yet you can’t deny that everyone needs to go to poop at some point while maintaining privacy. It is undoubtedly exceptional if some people rely on amenities like possessing a covered bucket or pooping in the snow. But if you’ve planned no ideas, we have got your back with some striking tips.

Where do you poop/pee when ice fishing?

A person is wise when he makes a backup plan about anything before starting. And almost every person wants to do this because nobody wants to get into an emergency situation where they have no option to adopt. Whenever your bowel movement starts, you are already prepared with a backup plan that makes you sensible.

Knowing about restrooms

restrooms at the ice fishing point
It is essential to know where the bathrooms are. There are restrooms at the ice fishing point around the parking lots. Without a bathroom, it seems uncomfortable because people are addicted to privacy (that is, of course, necessary).

So everyone should take care of each other’s comfort zones, especially when it’s your family or friends. Indeed, you can never plan a poop schedule, and not any fish will wait for your convenience. But you can search for someone’s toilet before getting yourself on the ice.

A closed-door bathroom is all you need there, so a gas station break or a fast-food depot is one good plan to get yourself free from this task. You will find amenities nearby the lake where you can walk back from your lake and make yourself comfortable. You can also reach any standard restroom for your convenience, assistance, and privacy.

Timing and poop schedule

understanding your poop schedule
Sometimes it seems challenging to get a routine schedule of poop. But paying attention to your body can help you sort it out.

So, if you will head out at 6 a.m. or 8 a.m., and you somehow have an idea, then it’s good to go beforehand. It is not impracticable to understand your poop schedule because science considers training your mind and body about when to poop or when to not.

You can start making and observing your poop schedule once you plan for ice fishing, so you don’t get into trouble and become easy beforehand.

The head of a Southern California Liver and GI centre, Dr. Tarek Hassanein, explains it briefly and beautifully. He says that pooping is a regular habit that everybody has to adopt, and going to the bathroom after eating or drinking in the morning helps understand the schedule.

So the timing is one good point that helps make yourself relaxed by knowing your poop schedule and preparing already.

Ice shelter use

ice shelters
You wonder if ice shelter use is a good option or not.

Ice shelter is one of the safest options when ice fishing. It is essential to set up a vessel or a urinal for yourself and others as everybody needs it. A big bucket with a lid can help you deal with this problem.

Don’t forget to take a lid of a bucket. Icefish buckets have the amenity to manage nature’s call and are dumped later in the toilet. Many people prefer this solution. There are a few fascinating mobile ice shanties and containers meant for convenience while ice fishing. An example of a bucket designed for this use is the BranQ 1306 Camping Toilet  with a capacity of 22L.

Fetching essentials

fetching essentials for toilet when ice fishingFew essentials can help you deal with it in an emergency. Such as you should take toilet paper with you that makes it easier for you to manage nature’s call.

A 5-gallon bucket containing a lid is one of the most convenient supplies that can be used to poop when ice fishing. There are toilet bags available for extreme situations that you should carry with you when planning essentials for ice fishing, and you can throw these bags away in some dirty areas later.

Even several bags can help remove the smell through chemicals. Also, don’t forget to take hand sanitizer and sanitary wipes with you, so you keep yourself away from germs and stay safe.

Clean your hands with wipes and sanitizer after throwing the toilet bag away. The biodegradable wet wipes that contain no synthetic materials seem a safe alternative.

It even leaves you with no guilt as you can bury them under the soil for the environment’s protection and safety. These tips are highly appreciable in emergencies of pooping while ice fishing.

Location scouting

In the educated world, it is essential to search everything through Google Maps before visiting. When you reach there, you can turn the satellite view on to check the dock area. You can find any amenity at a parking lot or some mansion house around the domain where you want to go ice fishing for any single private space where you can poop.

Finding shores

You might find steep hills, tall reeds, or woodland terrain – although it’s not the best idea, yet somehow it will protect other’s hygiene and your privacy. The long trees and bushes can at least provide you privacy, so you can consider it a good idea to fish closer to the shore.

Portable toilet

portable toilets
The world is getting advanced day by day and making your life more convenient than before. Whenever a person decides to go camping, hunting, or ice fishing, the most torturing thing they feel is where they will poop. So a complete portable toilet is a luxury that solves their problem, and they can take it along with them for ice fishing.

These portable toilets are environmentally friendly and best for your comfort zone to maintain privacy. You need no dump stations or storage tanks when you have this portable toilet along with you.

Just make sure that you don’t cancel your ice fishing plan because of dealing with bathroom problems. Because taking a portable toilet with you is one of the best alternative plans of all.

Here is ‘Amazon’s choice’ for one of the best portable toilets on the market. The Thetford 92820 Porta Potti 365 Portable Toilet  – This 21L tank has features such as a Level indicator display for the waste-holding tank and a piston pump system.

Stop peeing in the water

stop peeing in the water
As urinating within the water is unhygienic, it is not recommended.

How can someone be so irresponsible that they risk another person’s life with their unhygienic action of peeing in the water?

It is better to pee in any bottle and container that you can also dump on the shore than to pee in the water. Peeing in water causes dangerous contamination and is a highly unethical act that causes a violation.

On the ice

Where do you poop while ice fishing? It is a question that stops many people from ice fishing plans. But peeing on the ice and covering it with snow to not violate the environment is a good option. It is necessary to keep precautions, like no disposal of the waste can contaminate the environment badly.

Some men find it adventurous too, but as far as ladies are concerned, it is not such a good option for them to choose. Ladies need to manage some bathroom tools with them. Those bathroom tools make it a little easier for them to respond to nature’s call. So, pooping on the ice is just a better alternative for males and not for females.

Someone’s shanty

Do something to get yourself out of the problem while ice fishing. Leave your friends for some time and go to the shanty. Make a hole there and poop into that hole which dispenses as a nature’s toilet. It is such a simple and easy way that people choose.

Plastic bags

a bucket with toilet bag
People who often do ice fishing and know the arising problems of bathrooms while ice fishing take plastic bags with them.

These plastic bags can be attached in a gallon or a bucket with a lid. It does not grime the bucket. Then throw the plastic bags later. Place the new one in the bucket and clean your hands with a sanitizer. Isn’t it a manageable and efficient solution for your nature’s call problem during ice fishing?


No doubt, the comfort zone of bathrooms is not the same as your home while ice fishing but do not make it an excuse to not go for this fun. It’s a natural process no matter where you are, who you are, but you have to face it and can’t make yourself comfortable without pooping.

Make a list of your essentials for ice fishing and add a bathroom backup essentials list in it. Fetch them along with you and make your experience comfortable while ice fishing.

Training your mind with a proper schedule is one of the most desirable options so you can prepare yourself beforehand and do ice fishing conveniently and pleasantly.

Make your backup plans strong enough that never let you visit away from an adventurous task of ice fishing. Master your skills and cheer up.